Though Process

A series using computation as a metaphor for human thought: bare computers work through events from my past, and the processing is made visible as the exposed electronics are touched.

thought process installed in a corner at sfpc student showcase

The tiny screen of ‘am i gay?’ prompts visitors to activate its hand-made copper touch sensor. In response, it displays the binary, rigidly algorithmic way I used to question my own sexuality.

small screen reading 'am i gay?' on a prototyping board, on a wall

The text for the second part, ‘yay brain’, indirectly emerges from continued interaction with its exploded MIDI keyboard. The content comes from documents written in 2012 while experiencing what I now understand as anxiety attacks, attempting to understand them.

circuit boards connected to a screen with jumper wires and a deconstructed midi keyboard

There is one more piece planned for the series, which I expect to complete in early 2019.


Technical documentation